Battle of the Ribeye’s: Tina Cannon & Captain Ron’s Juicy Showdown on the Big Green Egg

When it comes to grilling perfection, few names resonate as strongly as Tina Cannon and Captain Ron. Renowned for their expertise and passion, these culinary titans recently took on a mouth-watering challenge: a side-by-side comparison of bone-in versus boneless ribeye steaks on the Big Green Egg…..AGAIN!   The results were as sizzling as the steaks themselves, providing insights and tips that every grilling enthusiast will appreciate.

Yes, to answer your question, we did just do a video about this same exact subject matter.  Well we used two steaks that were not exactly identical, and you guys noticed!  The comments on the last video definitely let us know that you really do pay attention! (and are NOT afraid to call us out)   We decided to remake the entire test with the exact same steaks, even going so far as to cut the bone off of one of the steaks just to make sure that they are as identical as possible.  They were even cut off of the same section of the rack, right next to each other.

The Contenders: Bone-In vs. Boneless Ribeye

Ribeye steaks are celebrated for their rich marbling and succulent flavor. The bone-in ribeye, often referred to as the “cowboy cut,” boasts an added depth of flavor thanks to the bone. On the other hand, the boneless ribeye offers convenience and a slightly quicker cooking time. Both cuts are exceptional, but which one reigns supreme on the Big Green Egg?

The Bone-In Ribeye

Tina Cannon, a champion pitmaster, & Captain Ron, a seasoned pitmaster himself, brought their seasoned expertise to the bone-in ribeye. Going for meticulous attention to detail, They prepared their steak with a simple yet effective seasoning of Tina’s new Smoked SPG. Their philosophy? Let the quality of the meat shine through.

Their method involved a reverse sear technique. They started the steak on the Big Green Egg at a lower temperature, allowing it to cook evenly to an internal temperature of around 120°F. Then, they removed the conveggtor & cranked up the heat to achieve that perfect sear, creating a crusty, caramelized exterior while keeping the inside tender and juicy.

The Boneless Ribeye

These 2 pro’s with a flair for bold flavors, took on the boneless ribeye. They first removed the bone from one of the two IDENTICAL steaks and prepped it the exact same way that they did the bone-in steak.  Then, they cooked each beautiful hunk of beef right next to each other to ensure proper results.

The Big Green Egg: A Grilling Marvel

The Big Green Egg played a crucial role in this showdown. Its ability to maintain consistent temperatures, combined with its versatility in achieving both low-and-slow and high-heat cooking, made it the perfect tool for this comparison. The ceramic construction ensured even heat distribution, essential for cooking these premium cuts of meat while using our Black Bag, Premium FOGO Charcoal.

The Verdict: Taste Test and Insights

After a sizzling session on the Big Green Egg, it was time for the moment of truth. Tina and Ron sat down with special guest judges, Tina’s husband Bobby and her Mom, Sherry to taste their creations, each steak offering a unique experience.

The Bone-In Ribeye

The bone-in ribeye delivered an intense, beefy flavor, with the bone adding a subtle depth. The reverse sear technique ensured an even cook, with a tender and juicy interior contrasting beautifully with the crispy, seared exterior. The simplicity of the seasoning allowed the natural flavors to shine, making it a hit among the judges.

The Boneless Ribeye

The boneless ribeye was a flavor explosion. The tasty seasoning complemented the rich marbling of the meat, creating a symphony of tastes with each bite. The high-heat sear provided a delightful char, and the steak was cooked to perfection, juicy and flavorful throughout. For those who enjoy a robust flavor profile, this steak was a winner.

Conclusion: A Grilling Masterclass

The bone-in versus boneless ribeye showdown on the Big Green Egg showcased the distinct advantages of each cut. Their bone-in ribeye emphasized the importance of technique and simplicity, while the boneless ribeye highlighted the power of bold flavors and precise searing.

In the end, the choice between bone-in and boneless comes down to personal preference. Both cuts, when prepared with skill and passion, offer an unforgettable culinary experience. Whether you lean towards the primal satisfaction of gnawing on a bone or the convenience and intense flavor of a boneless cut, the Big Green Egg/ FOGO Charcoal combo is your ally in achieving steak perfection.

So, fire up your Big Green Egg, choose your cut, and let the battle of the ribeye’s inspire your next grilling adventure. With Tina Cannon and Captain Ron’s tips in mind, you’re sure to impress at your next BBQ. Want to know which was the winner?  Ahhh, I’m not letting you off that easy, click the link and watch the test for yourself.  We were honestly a bit surprised by the result.  After you watch the video, we highly recommend that you get out and grill!  We look forward to seeing you the next time on The FOGO Life!  Captain Ron and Tina Cannon…..OUT!!!


  1. Start with two of the most identical bone-in steaks that you can find. The two we used were cut off of a bone-in prime rib and were located right next to each other.  Using your boning/filet knife,  Carefully cut along the bone to remove it from one of the steaks.
  2. Season your steaks with your rub. We highly advise a Kosher Salt/ Fresh ground black pepper combo.  We used an SPG that worked great for this as well.  Once coated, allow the steaks to sit out on a wire rack for at least ½ hour while you prepare the grill.  This will allow the moisture to come up out of the steak, grab the seasonings and pull the flavor into the steak through osmosis.
  3. Fill your grill with FOGO Premium Charcoal. If you are using a kamado style cooker, you can just pile the coals in.  If not, set up your grill for 2 zone cooking.  Place 3 or 4 FOGO Fire Starters around the coals and light them.  Place the deflector in if you are using one.  Bring the temp up to 250°.
  4. Place the two steaks right next to each other so they can cook at the same time. My suggestion is to put the bone closest to the heat source.  For example, in a Big Green Egg, place the bone-in steak with the bone closest to the outside edge of the conveggtor as that is where the heat comes up from.
  5. Use a Meater+ Thermometer to track the temperature of your steaks and cook them to 120° internal temperature. Using the long tongs, remove the steaks to a clean wire rack and allow them to rest while switching the grill over to direct grilling and let the fire get hot! We recommend you use good quality heat gloves to handle any hot components of the grill, we recommend these: Heat Gloves
  6. Once the grill is ripping hot, sear each steak for approximately one minute per side. Don’t forget to sear the sides as well!
  7. Remove the steaks to a cutting board, slice, taste, and decide for yourself which reigns supreme, bone-in or boneless steaks! The answer may surprise you. It surprised me!


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