The Top 5 Questions Captain Ron and Tina Cannon Get Asked About the Big Green Egg

Captain Ron and Tina Cannon are renowned in the world of barbecue, not just for their mouth-watering dishes but also for their expertise with the Big Green Egg. Both are members of Big Green Egg’s Ambassador Team, #BGETeamGreen and they are considered to be EGGsperts on the Egg.  Here, we tackle the top five questions they frequently get asked about this versatile cooking device.

How Do I Clean Out My Big Green Egg?

Cleaning your Big Green Egg (BGE) is essential for maintaining its performance and longevity. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Cool Down: Ensure the BGE is completely cool before starting the cleaning process.
  2. Ash Removal: Use an ash tool to scoop out the ashes from the bottom vent. You can also use a shop vac for a more thorough clean.
  3. Interior: Remove the cooking grate, fire ring, and fire box. Scrape off any debris and vacuum any remaining ash.
  4. Cleaning the Grate: Scrub the cooking grate with a wooden grill scraper and a piece of crumpled aluminum foil.
  5. Reassemble: Put the fire box, fire ring, and cooking grate back in place. 

For a deeper clean, perform a "self-clean" by burning off residue at high heat (about 600°F/316°C) for 30 minutes. Just make sure to do this sparingly to avoid damaging the BGE's components.

How Do I "Unstick" and Clean the Chimney Cap and/or Daisy Wheel?

Over time, grease and soot can cause the chimney cap and Daisy Wheel to stick. Here's how to handle this:

  1. Heat It Up: Preheat the BGE to help loosen the gunk.
  2. Disassemble: Remove the stuck component carefully using gloves to avoid burns.
  3. Use a wire brush to scrub off the build-up.
  4. Lubricate: Once clean and dry, apply a small amount of cooking oil to the moving parts to prevent future sticking.

How Do I Prevent and Clean Mold in the Big Green Egg?

    Mold can grow inside the BGE if it remains closed and unused for a long time. Here's how to prevent and clean it:

    1. Prevention: 

        - Store the BGE in a dry place.

        - Leave the vents slightly open when not in use to allow air circulation.

        - Regularly use the BGE to prevent mold growth.

    2. Cleaning Mold:
       - Burn Off: Heat the BGE to 500°F (260°C) for about 30 minutes to kill the mold.
       - Scrub Down: After cooling, scrub the interior surfaces with a grill brush.
       - Wash Grates: Soak the cooking grates in hot, soapy water and scrub them clean. 

    How Much Charcoal Should I Use in My Big Green Egg?

    The amount of charcoal is the same no matter the cooking method that you are using.

    For whichever type of cooking that you are doing, (smoking, grilling etc.) fill the firebox to the top of the fire ring. This provides consistent heat for several hours.

    Using FOGO Premium lump charcoal is recommended for the best performance and flavor.

    How Much Wood Should I Use When Smoking in the Big Green Egg?

    When it comes to smoking, the type and amount of wood can greatly influence the flavor of your food:

    1. Type of Wood: Choose wood chunks or chips based on the flavor profile you desire. In the Big Green Egg, we find that wood chunks, as opposed to wood chips are most effective. They will last for hours while the chips tend to burn up completely in just a matter of minutes.
    2. Quantity:
    - For mild smoke flavor, use 2-3 chunks
    - For a stronger smoke flavor, add 4-5 chunks

      In either scenario, make sure to spread them around a little bit so that they catch fire over a period of time.

      Final Thoughts

      Captain Ron and Tina Cannon's expertise with the Big Green Egg has helped many barbecue enthusiasts perfect their grilling and smoking techniques. By following these tips on cleaning, maintaining, and optimizing your BGE, you'll ensure a long life for your grill and delicious results every time you cook. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned griller, these insights will help you get the most out of your Big Green Egg. Make sure to get out and grill and we will see you the next time on…The FOGO Life.  For now, Captain Ron and Tina Cannon…..OUT!!! 


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