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Cotton Gin Smoker
WEDNESDAY 12.30.2020

Hello again FOGO Family!  Welcome back to another edition of The Fogo Life.  This week, we decided to mix it up a bit and give you a break from our cooking videos.  We got a new smoker in which you have surely heard of, Cotton Gin Smokers.  These are the hottest new barrel smokers around and they’re popping up everywhere.  You cannot even go on Instagram without seeing some of the beautiful food being turned out on these things.




The Cotton Gin is still fairly new to the market but is quickly claiming its place in BBQ.  It all started in 2001 when Matt Messer built his first smoker in welding shop class in Texas in 2001.  Now, 20 years later, he built the first Cotton Gin barrel in his basement in Michigan and demand has grown faster than he ever imagined.  With a strong commitment to honesty, integrity and a commitment to quality, Matt’s dream has turned into the nationwide success that it is today.  The company is now headquartered in South Bend, IN. so it is 100% built in the USA. 

We were very excited to get started cooking but first had some minor assembly to deal with.  It is nothing major and went pretty quickly.  It only required some basic tools and a little bit of time.  It arrived packaged really well and didn’t take much time to unbox.  (That may be because we were so excited)  Once it was all assembled, there was just one more step before we could cook on it.  Seasoning!

We sprayed the entire inside down with vegetable spray so that every square inch was covered.  Once that was done, we put all of the “guts” into the smoker.  The charcoal basket got filled with FOGO Super Premium Charcoal because only the best should go in the best!  We lit it up and set the basket down into the barrel.  It is advised to let it burn at 300-350° for 3-4 hours so that’s what we did.  It was not easy for us to wait, Sebastian brought 3 gorgeous tomahawks for us to cook!  I guess you already know what the video and blog will be for next week!

Have a very safe and Happy New Year.  We, here at FOGO cannot thank you enough for your business, loyalty  and friendship throughout this crazy year.  Bring on 2021, I think I speak for all of us when I say that we have had enough of 2020!   


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4231 reviews

Awesome charcoal for the Weber kettle

Always a great product

Great product at a great price. The Santa coal bag was a super nice touch! Great gift idea.

Again, Best in Show

Second review of the Super Premium. I cannot emphasize enough how much this stands above the competition. I like and respect other premium brands like Jealous Devil but there is nothing out there like this product. I’ve converted 3 die-hard Big Green Egg charcoal buyers to this product and they agree it is better than anything they have ever used. NEVER buy a big box brand like Cowboy again...this is the best ever. Big chunks (that you sometimes have to break down to manageable size on your own!) and great natural, all-purpose smoky flavor.

FOGO Super Premium Lump Charcoal (35lbs)

Excellent charcoal

The medium size bricks are the best for most standard use. They heat up fast and also last long enough for a slow smoke.