Brisket Test: To Wrap or Not to Wrap

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    3+ hours

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    Serves 12

When it comes to smoking briskets, there are many different schools of thought on the proper way to do it.  Fat cap/no fat cap, fat cap up/fat cap down, hot and fast/Low and Slow etc. etc. etc.….  We have always been curious to see if there is a giant and noticeable difference between a brisket that is wrapped using the “Texas Crutch” and a brisket that is cooked unwrapped for the duration of the cook.  Follow the link and watch the video to see what we came up with.  It just may surprise you! 

Recipe Type: Beef Brisket

Skill Level: Intermediate

Grill Time: 11 hours

Method: Smoking

Number of Servings: 15


FOGO Super Premium Charcoal- The First Ingredient

Smoking Wood- We used Post Oak.  Hickory, Cherry or Pecan are also good options

2 Identical Briskets- we used two 14 lb. USDA Prime Briskets

1 Cup Kosher Salt

1 Cup Coarse Ground Black Pepper

Pink Butcher Paper or foil

A cooler or Cambro Go Box

Meat Thermometers such as The Meater


  1. Prepare your smoker for indirect smoking at 275°.
  2. Trim all of the excess fat from your briskets leaving a ¼” fat cap
  3. Combine the salt and pepper and mix thoroughly.  Generously coat each brisket with the S&P
  4. Insert each thermometer into the thickest part of the flat of each brisket and put the meat on the smoker.  Fat side up and with the point closest to your heat source. (We recommend fat cap down if you are cooking on a kamado style grill)
  5. Once the briskets have hit the 165-170° mark and have entered the stall, remove one, wrap it in pink butchers’ paper or aluminum foil and return it to the smoker
  6. Remove the wrapped brisket around the 203° mark.  You’ll know if it’s done if a probe slides in and out with no resistance.  Place it in a cooler or Cambro to rest for at least one hour.
  7. Continue cooking the 2nd brisket until the same thing happens.  Temperature and probe slide should be the same as the wrapped brisket.  Once it is done cooking, remove it and place it in with the wrapped brisket to rest.
  8. After they’ve each rested for an hour, minimum, remove and slice.  Always remember to slice across the grain for the most tender bite.
  9. Compare and see which you like best!


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