Can the NEW FOGO Briquets be used in a Big Green Egg?

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  • Skill Level


  • Grill Time

    4 hours

  • Method

    Indirect Grilling

  • Servings

    Serves 4-6

Unveiling Fogo Charcoal's Revolutionary New Briquets: The Ultimate Grilling Experience

When it comes to outdoor cooking, every grill enthusiast knows that the secret to perfecting that smoky, succulent flavor lies in the choice of charcoal. Enter Fogo Charcoal's latest innovation: the brand new briquets that are poised to revolutionize the grilling experience. In this blog, we'll dive deep into the features and benefits of Fogo Charcoal's new briquets, ensuring you're armed with all the information you need to elevate your grilling game.

What Sets Fogo Charcoal's New Briquets Apart?

Fogo Charcoal has long been synonymous with high-quality lump charcoal products, and our new briquets are no exception. Here's what makes them stand out from the competition:

- Premium Blend: Fogo Charcoal's new briquets are crafted from the waste from coconut shells, ensuring a consistent burn and an unparalleled flavor infusion.
    - Longer Burn Time: One of the most notable features of these new briquets is their extended burn time. Thanks to their dense composition, they burn longer and more consistently compared to traditional charcoal, making them perfect for slow and low cooking.
      - Minimal Ash Production: Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly tending to your grill! Fogo's new briquets produce minimal ash, allowing you to focus on the art of grilling rather than the maintenance.
        - High Heat Output: Achieving the ideal sear and crust on your meats is a breeze with our new briquets. Their high heat output ensures that you can achieve the perfect caramelization and grill marks every time.
          - Low Smoke Emission: Fogo Charcoal understands that part of the grilling experience is about enjoying the aroma of sizzling food, not overpowering smoke. These briquets have been designed to emit significantly less smoke, providing a more enjoyable environment for both you and your guests.

            The Science Behind the Innovation

            Behind the scenes, Fogo Charcoal's team of experts has meticulously crafted these new briquets with the perfect balance of size, density, and composition. The result is a charcoal product that ignites quickly, reaches the desired cooking temperature faster, and maintains an even heat distribution throughout the cooking process.

            Eco-Friendly Approach

            In addition to their outstanding performance, Fogo Charcoal remains committed to sustainability. The new briquets are made from renewable sources, ensuring that your grilling adventures have a minimal environmental impact. By choosing Fogo, you're not only enhancing your grilling experience but also supporting responsible charcoal production.

            Tips for Using Fogo Charcoal's New Briquets

            To make the most of these innovative briquets, here are a few tips:

            • Use a Blazaball and our Fire Starters for quick and efficient ignition. Fogo's briquets ignite easily, so you'll be ready to grill in no time.
            • Even Distribution: Spread the briquets evenly across the grill for consistent heat distribution. This is essential for achieving perfect cooking results.
            • Experiment with Flavor: Fogo's briquets coconut shell composition gives a unique flavor profile without being overly smoky. Experiment with Smoke Your Bourbon smoking chunks to discover new and exciting taste dimensions.


            Fogo Charcoal's new briquets are poised to redefine the grilling experience, offering an array of benefits that will delight both novice and seasoned grillmasters. With their longer burn time, minimal ash production, high heat output, and eco-friendly approach, these briquets are a game-changer in the world of outdoor cooking. Elevate your grilling adventures and tantalize your taste buds by choosing Fogo Charcoal's latest innovation – because exceptional charcoal means exceptional grilling.

            This video definitely answers the question, “Can Briquets be used in a Big Green Egg?  They provide steady heat, ample smoke, steady temperatures, low ash and great flavor.  These are all of the attributes that we look for when talking about fuel for our Kamado cookers.  Try them out and let us know what you think.  We are very happy with our new briquets and are sure that you will be too.  Now get out and grill and we will see you the next time on The FOGO Life! 


            1. Fill your grill with the ALL NEW FOGO Briquets and prepare your grill for indirect cooking at 250°. A great way to light the briquets is with the use of a Blazaball and 2 FOGO starters
            2. Place your butt in the BBQ Prep Tub. Using your santoku knife, cut a cross hatch pattern into the fat cap of your pork butt.  Only cut deep enough to go through the fat cap and just touch the meat.  Season the butt all over with Tina Cannons European Blend and sprinkle it with Jacobsens Garlic Salt.
            3. If you have an Eggspander system, place the Dutch Oven on the grate and place the top rack of the Eggspander over the pot. If you do NOT have an Eggspander,  simply place the Dutch Oven on the grate and place a small wire rack over the top of the pot.  Insert your Meater+ wireless thermometer into the center of the meat, place the pork butt on the rack over the pot and close the dome.
            4. Once the Meater+ reads 165°, drop the pork down into the Dutch Oven and place the lid on the pot. Continue cooking until the meat reaches 203° internal temperature.  Using  Leather Grill Gloves, remove the pot from the grill and let the meat rest in it for at least one hour. 
            5. Put on a pair of cotton gloves, then a rubber glove. Shred the pork right in the pot in it’s own juices.  Serve and enjoy!


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