Dino Ribs

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    Red Meat

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    3+ hours

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    Serves 3

I’ve done videos on barbecue staples like brisket, pulled pork and ribs. But the one barbecue staple I was missing was short ribs. In this episode of the FOGOlife, I am smoking the Dino Rib. Smoked Beef Ribs are full of flavor and are comparatively easy to make.

Charcoal Pro-Tip: Today I am using the FOGO Premium Lump Charcoal bag black. The medium sized pieces light fast and will provide me with a nice bed of embers for my smoking wood. I am using Oak today for the smoke.

Video Recipe


  1. The adventure starts when you are trying to buy these at the butcher. Many butchers cut a Beef Plate Rib down into Short Ribs or individual Ribs, ask him to sell you the entire piece.. It usually comes with two pieces in a cryovac bag, about 10-12lbs of Beef Rib with 3-4 bones each. When choosing your Beef Short Rib, try to find one with the most amount of meat on it, if the  ones available only have an inch or so of meat on them, pass them up and ask the butcher if they can get you a better one!
  2. Season the Ribs generously, this is a big cut of meat, so you can liberally season for a nice bark and flavor. Today I am using Thunderbird Wings Bravo Rub.
  3. Today I am using the FOGO Premium Lump Charcoal bag black. The medium sized pieces light fast and will provide me with a nice bed of embers for my smoking wood. I am using Oak today for the smoke.  
  4. I am setting the Kamado Joe up for indirect cooking at 275, always set a water pan, it helps to stabilize your pit temperatures as well as provides moisture for the meat and catches all those drippings and rendered fat so your smoker stays cleaner. 
  5. Once you have that light blue smoke, your smoker is all set. put the beef ribs on and smoke them for about 5 hrs, until all the collagen has broken down and the ribs are super tender. You should be able to stick in a probe in them with barely any resistance. That's how you know they are done, usually once they hit 202-205 degrees. 

How did we do?

The Dino Ribs came out crazy juicy and tender that pulled right out of the bone. I also managed to do a somewhat small smoke ring (but hey, I’ll take it!) and It has a nice smoke ring and a beautiful bark.

Today we used Thunderbird Bravo rub, which has many ingredients among them cinnamon, cocoa, cumin and cloves. I think when I applied it, you could really smell the spices and I was worried it might give the short rib a ‘holiday’ flavor. But now that I’m trying it and once its cooked in and combine with the smoke and formed that bark, it is actually pretty good! The flavor is very rich. Thunderbird makes really cool rubs, you can check out the Thunderbird wings video I did a while back.

These short ribs are very comparable to a brisket. The flavor is very similar, however, it is pretty cool to serve and eat a piece of meat with the big bone! The other nice thing about this cook is that when you do a brisket, you usually have to wrap in paper (check out the 75-days dry-aged brisket). With these Dino ribs, however, we just did a straight through cook for 5 hours, no wrap was necessary. And they came out very juicy! I feel this might be because the amount of meat on ribs is not as much as that big piece of brisket, with the brisket, the stall could take long so wrapping the meat helps it to cook faster.

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