Top recipes for Summer grilling!

Summer is officially here! (cue in the fireworks!) Our favorite season in which we get to enjoy the great weather, relax and have endless barbecue get-togethers with our family and friends. In order to help you enjoy to the max, we have gathered our favorite summer recipes for you to try out! Keep on reading below and make sure to leave which one is your favorite in the comments.

Pork & Veggie Kebabs

Pork Kebabs

Nothing says summer like food on a stick! This recipe is very flexible, you can use the meat of your liking as well as the vegetables that you (and your picky kids, guests, etc) enjoy. Make sure to use the marinade in the recipe, it brings freshness and citrus to the kebab. 

You can find the recipe here

Grilled Whole Red Snapper

Grilled Snapper

Who doesn’t love fresh fish on a summer day? Although grilling fish might sound tricky, it's quite quick and easy to do, but most importantly you know the fish will be full of flavor! In this recipe we add a variety of herbs and lemon so when the fish is grilled all the ingredients combine perfectly together. Make sure to use oil or a fish basket to prevent the skin from sticking and give you a crispier result. 

You can find the recipe here

Chicken Fajita Bombs

Chicken Fajita

These Fajita Bombs will blow your mind, not only does it have that amazing cheesiness but also the crunchiness and the freshness of the bell peppers and onions! These could make a great appetizer, or it could also be the star of the show as your main course. Make sure to serve them with your favorite sauce!

You can find recipe here 

Medium Rare Porterhouse Steak with Bacon Wrapped Carrots


Porterhouse steak is one of the thickest and biggest cuts of beef you can get out there, and great for dinner on a summer night. This recipe is very simple, but amazing in flavor. You just have to make sure that you visit your trusty butcher or your favorite local grocery store to get a good quality porterhouse steak. By reverse searing the steak, you get both of both worlds, the perfect medium rare and the perfect crust. Make sure to try the bacon wrapped carrots on the side, they are deliciously crispy and sweet!

You can find recipe here

Slow Cooked Barbacoa Beef Cheek Tacos


Have you ever tried beef cheeks? If you haven’t, well now is the time to try them! By smoking them, you can get the most tender, juicy and delicious Barbacoa. Make sure to use your favorite rub and your favorite corn or flour tortillas. We are sure your family and friends will love them and keep asking for more! 

You can find the recipe here

Apple Crisp with Dulce de Leche

Apple Crisp

Last but definitely not least, summer needs some dessert! This Apple Crisp is easy to make and has just the right amount of sweetness, tartness and crunchiness, all in one plate. To make it extra special make sure to serve it with your favorite ice cream and top it off with some dulce de leche. Now that’s a dessert!

You can find the recipe here

We hope you give these recipes a try! Make sure to check out our “Master the Fire” section for more recipes and inspiration to challenge your grilling game. 

FOGO Team would like to wish you a great and safe summer season, may your grill sessions be even more epic than before!


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