Surf ‘n’ Turf: Ribeye & Lobster Tails

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Our FOGO Rub makes its debut on the #FOGOlife in this episode. I cook the most amazing Surf ‘n’ Turf: 2 inch Cowboy Ribeye Steaks and a couple of enormous Lobster Tails. I reverse sear the ribeye steaks and then grill the lobsters on indirect heat on the grill.

The only seasoning I use in this episode is The Rub for the ribeye steaks and butter and lime for the lobster tails. It was that simple, but it was full of taste! The color and crust of the steaks were amazing and it was cooked to perfection. Our new Rub is a killer steak rub with a perfect mix of salt, pepper and spices and the key ingredient, activated charcoal, it gives the steak a killer look, and helps form an amazing crust. The taste of the steak was perfectly balanced with the softness of the lobster melted in your mouth, it felt a little bit like ceviche, which my wife loves.

Charcoal Pro-Tip: For a quick cook like today I am going to use the FOGO Premium Charcoal, our black bag. The medium size pieces work great for a short smoking session and then heat up fast for when it's time for searing!

Video Recipe


  1. Butterfly the lobster tails, as it makes for a beautiful presentation and it also helps to cook the lobster more evenly. With kitchen shears start cutting from the top of the shell to the base of the tail. Gently pull the halves apart and the lobster meat out but leave it attached at the base and then place it back on top of the shell.
  2. Season the cowboy ribeye steak with the new FOGO Rub.
  3. Start off with reverse searing the thick cowboy ribeye steak so you get a perfect medium rare finish edge to edge. At the same time, you can roast your veggies and let them absorb all the smoke and charcoal flavor. Set your grill to low, or about 225 degrees and cook the steak until it hits an internal temperature of 115 degrees. Then open the grill vents and get ready for searing!
  4. While the charcoal is starting to burn and the grill temperature is rising from 225 to 400-500 degrees, this is a perfect time to grill the lobster tails.
  5. Cut the butter before putting the lobster tails. They do best with indirect heat, not directly over the hot fire. Place them on the indirect heat, and place a piece of butter in each lobster tail. Cook for about 5 minutes to 140 degrees internal temperature. Really watch the lobster tails closely, they get dry and chewy fast if you overcook them.  
  6. Once the grill is searing hot or using a lower grate, sear the steak on each side for about 2 minutes for that killer crust.

The results?

I did a test with my wife, to see how much she loved this Surf ‘n’ Turf. While I went completely all for the steak with the Rub (which was a-mazing!), my wife went straight for the lobster tails. Like this ultimate Surf ‘n’ Turf, we definitely balance each other out!

I then did some lobster tails as an appetizer for a party I had a week after this episode. And everyone LOVED them. It was so simple and definitely impressed our guests!

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