A FOGO guide to charcoal grills: how to enhance your grilling experience

Don’t hesitate on which charcoal bag to buy: we’ve got you covered.

For every type of charcoal grill, there’s a FOGO product designed for you.

Fogo Charcoal Family

Large to X-Large Charcoal Grills and Smokers

You want to get the best airflow you can, to keep the fire going longer. For longer cooks and smokes, you want charcoal that goes well with the long, slow craft of charcoal grilling. Our Tan bag Super Premium Lump Charcoal comes in superior chunks –huge lumps, dense wood–that fit well in the size of large ceramic grills, ensuring the best possible heat and no added chemicals.  The smoke from 100% oak wood is not overpowering, but it does add to the desired taste. The burn is clean and smooth, and it provides the flexibility to add your wood chunks of choice, for a tailored finish.

Super Premium: Bigger lumps for better airflow and longer burn... We’ve got your back.

Small Charcoal Grills

The Black Bag, Fogo Premium Lump, is the same high-quality lump as our Super Premium bag in a more manageable everyday size. Perfect for your small to mid-sized grills like Weber Kettle or BBQ in the Park or Beach, your next tailgate or even smaller Kamado style grills. We specifically recommend it for quicker cooks, as well as searing.

Premium Lump: lights fast, and burns hot, perfect for everyday grilling.

Specialty Lump

Our Argentinean Quebracho Lump, known in Argentina as the Axe Breaker because if it's incredible density. Extra dense hardwood that takes a little more time to light but that burns either incredibly hot or super long, how you need it for your cook. Each bag packs a good mix of nice large chunks and smaller pieces to fill the gaps, and it's clean burning so you can add smoking woods to taste.

Another favorite, our Marabu Lump from Cuba. Made from an invasive bush that is taking over valuable farmland, Marabu is super dense, which means extra long burning at low and slow temperatures. It's very even in size, medium chunks throughout the bag which is ideally suited for many smokers. Marabu is sought after and immensely popular with restaurants and even Pizzerias and priced for its clean burn and neutral flavor.

Finally, we stock Brazilian Eucalyptus charcoal, the choice of charcoal for Brazilian Steakhouses who are looking for a fast and hot burning lump. If you like searing steaks for that perfect crust, this is a lump we can recommend you. Each bag packs a good mix of sizes from large to small so that you can fill that firebox without having hot or cold pockets for a blazing hot grill and searing experience.

In all cases, don’t sweat it: know what type of grilling you like, and pair it with the charcoal you want the most. Find what goes best with the way you like to cook! Get a variety of FOGO bags and try whatever works for each occasion.

And if you’re looking for high temperatures, whatever grill you have, you might like the Brazilian Eucalyptus. It burns fast, lights quickly… perfect for searing! Explore more ideas by clicking here. Take your time and browse!

Fogo Charcoal Differences


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