Creole Jambalaya

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    1-2 hrs

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    Serves 6

There are two main types of Jambalaya in Louisiana. One is a red jambalaya, often referred to as “Creole Jambalaya” and has tomatoes in it. The other does not use tomatoes and is often referred to as “Cajun Jambalaya”.  This recipe is for Creole Jambalaya and is the type you would get if you ordered it at Acme Oyster House or Mother’s in the French Quarter in New Orleans. This recipe has a little twist to the traditional recipe you may find in South Louisiana, but everything is better when cooked over FOGO Premium Lump on your grill!

Video Recipe

Enjoy this hot off the grill with some french bread or a loaf of white bread. Serve with hot sauce on the side so people can add some spice if the spice from the andouille and chili powder was not enough. The optional cayenne pepper will bring another level of spice to the dish also. Garnish with some green onion.

Son of a gun, we’ll have big fun on the bayou!

Grill up some garlic bread as a great side to this jambalaya! 

Take your culinary expertise to the next level and impress your guests by buying raw shrimp, boiling them in water, and using that water as shrimp stock for the dish. These cooked shrimp can be stirred into the dish at the end or used as an appetizer with some shrimp cocktail sauce.



  • Try to find “diced” because these are chunks of tomato in tomato juice whereas “crushed” tomatoes are usually a mix of diced tomatoes and tomato puree. “Stewed” tomatoes are crushed than cooked with seasonings and usually sugar is added.



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