Smoked Beef Ribs in a Weber Kettle

  • Recipe Type

    Red Meat

  • Skill Level


  • Grill Time

    5+ hours

  • Method


  • Servings

    Serves 3-4

This week, Bradley will show you how to cook Dino Beef Ribs to perfection. These ribs come from the Short Plate section of a cow’s rib cage, and they’re typically found cut into smaller portions and known as beef short ribs. 

Smoked beef ribs are like brisket on a stick! They are super tasty, tender and juicy! This is a cut for all beginners, super easy to cook, and are the perfect size for the weber kettle.


  1. Trim off any excess fat if you’d like, but this step is not entirely necessary. Fat cap helps you not to dry your top too much. Don’t worry with trying to remove the membrane from the bone side; this will help the ribs to stay in place to hold the meat from the bones as they cook.
  2. Keep the seasonings simple, two parts of black pepper, one part kosher salt, and one half part granulated garlic. Mix it up.
  3. Season the ribs with a nice and heavy coat of rub. Start coating on the backside of the rib, flip it over and coat the top side. Don’t forget to rub the sides too.
  4. Fill your Weber with FOGO Premium Charcoal and prepare it with the slow and sear method. Don’t forget to place the cast iron insert to help direct airflow. Fill up the reservoir with water. Refer to the video if you have questions.
  5. Place the ribs on the indirect side of the grill. Place the thicker part of the ribs towards the coals. Close the lid with the vent on top of the meat. Aim for a 275-300F temperature.
  6. Add wood chunks and any excess fat that was trimmed of the ribs to add some smoke during the cook.
  7. When temperature has reached the ideal temperature, shut the lid a little bit.
  8. 3 hours later, check them out, spray the Dino Ribs some apple cider vinegar. If more water is needed in the reservoir, add some water. Close the lid.
  9. Do the routine check and when the internal temperature gets to 200F, Dino Ribs are done.
  10. Let them rest until temperature gets to 145F – 150F. Slice them between the bones. Enjoy!!


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