Texas Brisket on the Weber Kettle

  • Recipe Type

    Red Meat

  • Skill Level


  • Grill Time

    5+ hours

  • Method


  • Servings

    Serves 8-10

Brisket takes a long time to cook but with some tender love and care it can be done on a Weber Kettle. Cooked low and slow on a Weber Kettle, you can cook this Texas style BBQ Brisket anywhere!


  1. Unwrap your brisket and pat it dry with paper towel.
  2. Clean your brisket, take all the whole fat and all the silver skin. Refer to the video for more information.
  3. After cleaning it, give it shape for a great cooking.
  4. Coat both sides of the brisket with a nice heavy even rub. Don’t forget to season up your sides too.
  5. Prepare your grill - fill your Weber with FOGO Premium Charcoal and prepare it for low and slow cooking method. Refer to the video if you have any questions. Add some woods chunks to give a great smoke.
  6. Place your brisket if possible, fatty side facing the fire. We want the weber temperature at 250-350F.
  7. After 4 hours, flip your brisket to render off some fat. Also spray some apple cider vinegar periodically so that it keeps your brisket moist.
  8. Remove the brisket from the heat when the internal temperature is 175F.
  9. Wrap the brisket up in butcher paper, make sure to do a tight wrapping.
  10. Place the wrapped brisket into your oven at a 250F temperature. Remove the brisket from the oven when the internal temperature is 200-205F.
  11. Transfer the brisket, still wrapped to a cooling rack. Let it rest for 2 – 2.5 hours or until internal temperature gets to 160F.
  12. Slice your brisket across the grain into thin slices and serve.


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