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FOGO Super Premium (Gold Bag) Lump Charcoal - 35LBS
James Gianelloni (Peachtree City, US)
Good stuff

Recommended buying directly from Fogo. Quick delivery. Large chunks, very few small pieces.
Lights easily. Good smoke, even without wood chunks added.

Cons - Moderate level of ash remaining after burning. A fair amount of popping while lighting.

Barrel Proof – Bourbon Barrel Wood Chunks
Charles Vickers (Merritt Island, US)
Great product.

Very solid company with first rate customer service.

My goto charcoal. Great stuff

FOGO Briquets (2 bags of 15.4lbs)
David Ancona MD (Davie, US)
Trying something new

After grilling with all the different lump charcoal Fogo has to offer, I was delighted to see they came out with briquettes. These are special, coconut shell and burn very hot and cleanly. Briquettes always have more ash than lump, but it never was a significant issue. Bone in skin on chicken thighs indirectly cooked in my PK 300AF had a delicious smoky flavor with crisp skin. Temp held at 330° throughout the cook. Highly recommended and I’m buying again.

Premium Briquettes

I have used a high end coco charcoal in the past and this is right with it. Long burn, low ash. Don’t hesitate to buy this one!

Great charcoal. Excellent flavor. Good sized pieces.

Barrel Proof – Bourbon Barrel Wood Chunks
Ray Van Metre (Lexington, US)
Perfect Smoked Turkey

Used our bourbon barrel wood chunks to add a nice flavor to our thanksgiving smoked turkey. Guests commented on the taste. Big hit!

The FOGO Rub
Best charcoal

Easily the best charcoal I’ve used. The charcoal is extremely long lasting and super hot.

FOGO Premium Chef’s Apron
Stephen Casbeer (West Palm Beach, US)
Excellent Apron

I love the quantity and variety of pockets. And the denim material is perfect for in front of the grill.


I can always depend on prompt delivery, quality packaging and product.

Works like a charm.

I love this product for my Kamado I have had it for 2 years but it rusted out and broke. If they do not replace it I will purchase another as it is amazing at what it is designed for.

FOGO Super Premium (Gold Bag) Lump Charcoal - 35LBS
George Kruszewski (Uniondale, US)
Cany go wrong

Ever since I discovered FOGO, super lump charcoal is my goto. The lumps are super large, burns efficiently keeping the temperature constant. A must have for all skill levels

Convenience personified

I purchased one if r
The blaze balls after watching many of the FOGO videos with Captain Ron. I was skeptical of its utility but decided to give one a shot. I must say it is quite handy and works especially well with leftover charcoal. My only complaint is the longevity. When it breaks it does so in a fashion that makes it particularly difficult to use. Mine had the whole flat circle at the top fallout and the outer rim broke in two places - all in one cook!

I ordered a replacement 2-pack, so when the next one breaks I’ll have a spare (and time to order a new spare.)

My usual

Fogo gold bag is by far the most consistent and best charcoal ever! It is by far my favorite out of all the others.

FOGO Super Premium (Gold Bag) Lump Charcoal - 35LBS
Dave Bossung (St. Petersburg, US)
Great Charcoal

I am smoking my turkey now and the reason i buy FOGO is because the size of the charcoal is perfect for smoking!

The best charcoal !

Excellent charcoal. Nice large chunks and adds great flavor to your food . I’ve used several different brands. Fogo is the best !

FOGO Super Premium (Gold Bag) Lump Charcoal - 35LBS (Denver, US)
Best Lump Charcoal Yet

These chunks are large and long burning, and there are there has been nearly no scraps in the bag. The large bag gets me through several smoking and grilling sessions.

Best charcoal

Fogo is the best charcoal. Super satisfied with the product. Highly recommended!!

The FOGO Rub
Robert Taylor (Ooltewah, US)
Great as usual

I have been using FOGO for several years and service is better than ever! Keep up the good work.

Awesome Cutting Board

I purchased this cutting board from FOGO in March of 2022 and this is my go to board when serving proteins. The canal is awesome for catching juices and the wood is hard enough to give great feed back while slicing or cutting yet soft enough that I do not have to sharpen my knives after each use. It also makes a great serving platter.

Follow the directions for use when you first get it and now I put some wax on it roughly once a quarter and it jumps right back to a beautiful finish. Easy to clean and easy to maintain which is always a plus. It is sturdy, lays flat and does not wobble or move.

Cannot say how happy I am with this board both for both looks and functionality.

FOGOStarters Natural Firestarters
James Llorens (Montgomery, US)
Worst Fire Starters on the Market

Fogo fire starters are expensive & they don’t come in uniform shape and the box is always messy with loose and fallen off pieces of tumble weeds. Because of that they don’t ignite a fire properly and have to use a handful just to get a basic fire started. Much better options on the market than this product here. #facts

Really disappointed

My 17.6 lb bag of Super Premium from my local Ace was a vast majority of smaller pieces. Not sure what happened with the QC on this bag. This picture was taken after I used a basket full for a high temp burn off and a basket full for a brisket in my BGE. The basket mixtures were consistent with this photo.

FOGOStarters Natural Firestarters
Ramon Santillan (Dallas, US)
Always the best

I like the FOGO starters since they always perform the way I need them to. No matter the weather or the fuel, they never disappoint and I know I will get what I need from them. Definitely will buy again and again!

FOGOStarters Natural Firestarters
Paul Bunzey (Murrells Inlet, US)
Great product, makes lighting the lump very easy!

Recently purchased a Big Green Egg and we were using an electric started. We were not being successful getting our egg started. We recently purchased Fogostarters and we are now starting and getting up to temperature in less than 15 minutes. Highly recommended product.